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    Civil Engineering Company


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    Civil Engineering Company


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    Civil Engineering Company


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The main direction of enterprises - foundry and metallurgical complex technical solutions to improve product quality and raise production efficiency.

Our experience, combined with high quality materials and equipment allowed the foundry enterprises really raise the casting quality, reduce rejects, reduce the cost production and market conditions to compete successfully in world markets.


Project management


Exhaust technology of implementing construction projects is a guarantee of timely putting qualitatively executed object within the budget.



Creation of a unique concept, full architectural and engineering design of the objects for various applications, architectural.

Climate systems


Central air-conditioning, systems of supply and exhaust ventilation, heating, heat pumps, heat and refrigeration facilities.



A full range of services for the design and installation of electrical networks, the primary and backup power supply systems, lighting.

Data networks


Structured cable network, access control systems, video surveillance, automated control system engineering equipment.

Building plants


For quality control in the company originally was organized laboratory for quality control of input supplied materials.

Laboratory services


Our qualified specialists, who help us to create status of a group leader, provide us a full range of testing the quality of concrete.

Customer service


We are a friendly group of knowledgeable and courteous people who coordinate and schedule your concrete pours.

Civil Engineering Company

Creating the future


Aug 14th

International exhibition


In the Italian city of Bologna opened the famous international exhibition of engineering CERSAIE 2015.

Aug 28th

Create your design project!


Experiment with the different collections on your own. Create your interior.

Sep 12th

Fired bricks


Bricks are made in a similar way to mud-bricks except without the fibrous binder.

Oct 18th



Blocks for the construction are mainly manufactured of cement and have good characteristics and low cost.